New Year's Resolution Challenge

December is a month of both celebration and reflection. It is a time when many of us come up with a new year’s resolution for the next 365 days, with one of the most popular ones being to adopt healthy habits. Since staying true to these resolutions is often difficult for some people, we offer you a breakdown of the four most important things to keep in mind to help you on your journey. Setting specific goals, improving eating habits, staying away from tobacco, and managing stress are sure-fire ways to stay fit and healthy.

1. Set specific goals to create an exercise habit ad work up to them.

Making a resolution to work out is only the beginning. Setting clear objectives before creating an actionable plan is beneficial. So set up a detailed strategy with a clear objective, such as “I’m going to run a marathon in November”, or “I want to get physically ready to play soccer every weekend starting in March”. Working up to your goal will be easier if you have a clear goal and start in small increments so you won’t get discouraged.

2. Improve your eating habits.

Consume a diet that is well-balanced, low in fat, and rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Follow a moderate sugar, salt, and total fat diet with low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. Try to consume at least five portions (400g) of fruit and vegetables every day; your body will appreciate it.1

Good supplementation may also help you fill any nutritional gaps you may have. If you are prone to high cholesterol, triglycerides, or blood glucose levels, you may want to accompany your balanced diet with Gluco Control & Lipo Control, which can help you keep them on track throughout 2023.

3. Manage stress.

Stress is a silent enemy. However, exercising regularly, eating healthier, and relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation are all effective ways to manage stress. Stress can cause stomach issues, frequent headaches, and trouble sleeping, so if you experience any of these symptoms, don’t ignore them and go see your doctor.(2)

4. Don’t smoke or quit if you do.

We know you’ve heard it a million times, but this is your chance to finally quit. About 30.8 million American (roughly 12.5%) were estimated to be smokers in 2020. Lung, heart, and stroke diseases are all brought on by tobacco use and among the main causes of death in America.3 Additionally, keep in mind that secondhand exposure to tobacco kills nonsmokers as well as direct smokers.4 Following your new exercise routine, changing your eating habits and fending off stress will help your mind stay strong and kick this unhealthy habit away. The message is clear: Don’t smoke!


While losing a few pounds or being able to run a marathon may seem like the ideal goal to push yourself to get healthier, it is important to remember that the real change happens day to day. Try to find joy in exercising daily, eating healthier and meditating or stretching. Following your plan will eventually change your lifestyle and you’ll be able to effortlessly keep a healthy weight and sound mind. Forget your excuses, leave bad habits behind, and you will see that every little effort will be rewarded in the blink of an eye.

Ready, set, go!

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