Dr. T On-the-Go Kids Essentials Packs – Essential Vitamins & Minerals


Ensure your children get the essential nutrients they need with Dr. T On-the-Go Kids Essentials Packs. Packed with vital vitamins and minerals, these smooth and tasty direct-to-mouth powder packs support overall growth and development. Easy to carry and fun to consume, they make daily nutrition simple and enjoyable for kids. Give your children the nutritional foundation they need for healthy growth and a bright future.

Key Features:

Essential Vitamins and Minerals
Smooth and Tasty Formulation
Supports Growth and Development
Easy and Fun to Use
High-Quality Ingredients


• Vital Nutrients: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
• Kid-Approved Taste: Smooth and delicious formulation.
• Growth Support: Promotes overall development in children.
• Easy Nutrition: Direct-to-mouth packs for fuss-free intake.
• Healthy Kids: Convenient packs for daily wellness.


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