Dr. T On-the-Go FitForm Packs – Boosts Metabolism


Achieve your fitness goals with Dr. T On-the-Go FitForm Packs. These direct-to-mouth powder packs are formulated to boost metabolism and promote fluid balance for healthy weight management. Featuring the premium Cactinea™ extract, they provide a natural and effective way to support your fitness journey. Enjoy the ease of a quick metabolism boost, perfect for maintaining your weight and staying active.

Key Features:

Boosts Metabolism
Promotes Fluid Balance for Weight Management
Features Cactinea™ Extract
Convenient and Easy to Use
Premium Quality Ingredients


• Metabolism Booster: Helps enhance your metabolic rate.
• Fluid Balance: Supports healthy weight management.
• Cactinea™ Power: Features premium Cactinea™ extract.
• Quick Fit Fix: Easy, direct-to-mouth metabolism boost.
• Weight Wellness: Convenient packs for on-the-go balance.


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