Care for Dentures: Your Smile's Best Friend

By: Cristian Ocampo

Edited by: Pedro Andrés Calvo

Caring for dentures is not only about preserving the quality of your prosthetic teeth but also about maintaining your overall oral health. Is not only about brushing; there are many ways to keep them clean as a whistle, so keep reading and get ready to have a shiny and clean smile 24/7. 

Plaque and food particles adhere to natural teeth or dentures every time we have a meal or drink. Poor cleaning can lead to plaque (a sticky bacterial film) accumulation and can put you at risk of developing gum disease and bad breath (1).  

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The Crucial Do’s to Take Care of Dentures (2)

1. Rinse your dentures to remove loose particles and food debris after eating.

2. Schedule dental checkups to clean and check your dentures professionally. Your dentist will also assess your oral health and denture fit.

3. To prevent discomfort and issues such as sores, irritation, or infections, visit your dentist promptly if dentures become loose.

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Denture Care Don’ts: What to Avoid (3)  

1. Don’t use sharp objects along your dentures as items such as toothpicks can slip and damage your mouth tissue.

2. Avoid “whitening” toothpastes, they often contain hydrogen peroxide, which doesn’t impact the color of denture teeth.

3. Never soak them in hot water.

4. Avoid taking large bites of food or tugging motions as you eat. Don’t bite on hard items/foods with your front dentures to prevent chipping and damage.

The Steps You Must Know

Follow these dentures care steps to keep your dentures clean; your smile will be the brightest light in the crowd (4):

1. Place a soft towel on the bathroom counter; this is aiming to protect your dentures if they fall accidentally.

2. Remove and rinse your dentures with warm water. 

3. Using a denture cleanser (such as Victadent) or a mild soap, gently brush every surface with a soft toothbrush and then rinse.  

4. Soak them overnight in lukewarm water or Victadent’s solution to prevent drying out. Always rinse them before use. 

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In summary, caring for dentures is essential not only for your prosthetic teeth but also for your overall oral health. Following these steps lets you keep your dentures clean and maintain a radiant smile. Regular care, professional checkups, and some simple do’s and don’ts will ensure your dentures remain your best friend for a confident and bright smile.


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