By Adriana Rueda,
Our Scientific & Technical Coordinator

Editor: Cristian Ocampo


Vitamin D is a nutrient found in cells throughout your body and is essential for both your immune system to fight viruses and bacteria, and your nerves to properly transmit messages between your brain and the rest of your body.

Calcium, on the other hand, is the most abundant mineral in the human body and is essential for the formation and maintenance of your bones.  Although Calcium can be found in body tissues, neurons, and blood, the greatest amount of Calcium resides in your teeth and bones.

But, what is the relationship between Vitamin D and Calcium?

Vitamin D helps your intestines absorb Calcium in the most effective way so that your bones can remain healthy and strong.  A person can have a Calcium-rich diet and their body may still not receive the necessary Calcium if they don’t have sufficient Vitamin D to help absorb the Calcium into their system. 

More importantly, when it comes to children, if their body doesn’t get the appropriate amounts of Vitamin D and Calcium, it is likely that their bones will not develop properly.  Note that children usually consume Calcium through Calcium-rich foods, including dairy products like yogurt, milk, and hard cheeses like cheddar.

Regarding the best source of Vitamin D, sunlight is your best bet as it helps your skin produce and store this essential nutrient.  Nevertheless, because the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer and you should limit your exposure to the sun, it’s important to look for other sources of Vitamin D.  These can include foods like trout, salmon, and fish liver oil.

Finally, when a person is not naturally receiving the adequate amounts of Vitamin D and Calcium, health professionals may recommend food supplements; especially when it comes to children.  If that’s your case, Dr. T recommends VictaGummies Calcium + Vitamin D, a delicious pectin-based supplement that will help both adults and children develop and maintain healthy, strong bones.